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Robbie Williams and Gary Barlow debut their new single and video: 'Shame' taken from Robbie's new compilation

In and Out of Consciousness: The Greatest Hits 1990–2010

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What will the Big Brother house look like after Sunday???

The Bathroom
The container/lorry theme has been continued inside the bathroom. The walls are covered in blue metal sheets and the floor is a stripey and silver. This year’s shower is very revealing, it also features a prominant orange and silver mound. The bathroom also features an orange and white ‘mosaic’ bath with a small tap at one end. There are also two silver metal containers where housemates can store toiletries. It is a vast different to last years luxury bathroom.

The Bedroom
The bedroom has large colourful splats on the wall, similar to those used on Celebrity Hijack. The colour scheme is yellow, purple, pink and red. The beds have been pushed together and are made from basic wood complete with bed side tables.

The Living Room
This year’s living room has moved back into the garden, however it is a lot different to BB6’s ‘pod’. A large window looks out onto the garden. A new pool is visible. There are large sofas which are upulstored in browney red material complete with cushions. The brown wood theme is continued along the front strip of the windows. The back wall features orange, brown and red hexagons.

The Dining Room
The basic sleeping area for the non-housemates has been replaced with a colourful and funky living table, ten housemates are able to sit around it. The new carpet has orange and green stripes through it while one side of the house has been painted orange, while the other is grey. There are also a new selection of plants.

The Kitchen
The new kitchen is very BB7. It has slick counter tops and units and a bright teal floor. The back wall is cladded with dark wood whilst the other is covered in cork. There are also several blue shelves at the back.

Housemates will have access to electrical appliances such as a cooker, kettle, fridge and toaster.

Source: Inside Big Brother